Women's Roadmap to Retirement

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Only 12% of women feel


in their ability to comfortably retire*

It’s time to change that!

The Women’s Retirement Roadmap online workshop will teach you:

4 Key Reasons

why it’s important for women to optimize their Social Security / Pension benefits.

Why Income Planning

for women is even more important than it is for men.

How To Avoid Market Losses

with simple strategies during a stock market correction.

To Uncover Why

now is the best time to do a Roth conversion with your IRA, 403b, or 401k to minimize taxes in the future.

What To Do

if you are worried about long-term care needs and health care costs in retirement.

What Married Women

need to know about the financial issues the death of a spouse can cause.

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Event Details

Wednesday, May 10


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Many women feel the financial industry is only geared towards men.

It’s time to change that!

About Our Hosts

Daniela Dubach
Daniela Dubach

Daniela Dubach is a respected leader, public speaker, and subject-matter expert. Daniela captures the mindset of individuals by helping them navigate through the complexities of economic cycles and emphasizes the importance of preparing for retirement. She is certified as a financial instructor with the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) and as a Social Security Claiming Strategist.

As co-founder of Financial Literacy Institute and Citrine Financial Solutions, she walks her talk. Daniela, originally from Switzerland, has been a successful entrepreneur and financial strategist for over a decade. She loves the natural beauty of living in Southern California and enjoys outdoor adventures.

Ngoc Le

Ngoc Le is a passionate educator, retirement income strategist, and co-producer of the documentary film, “The Baby Boomer Dilemma.” With a Master’s in Education Administration, she directs her business success abilities toward education. As co-founder of Citrine Financial Solutions and Financial Literacy Institute, she hopes to inspire others to turn their financial education into “edu-action.”

Ngoc was born in Vietnam and escaped the war on a fishing boat with her family at the age of five. Through her own personal journey of grit and determination, she has great insights with deep compassion and empathy for others who have also persevered through challenges of their own. As a full-time single mother, she cherishes her quality time with her son and their toy poodle.

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