About Us

We are Financial Educators and Retirement Income Strategists who offer innovative and customized planning solutions with compassion and a personal touch.


A Commitment to Financial Literacy

Our mission is to educate and empower people with the information and tools they need to make better financial decisions and to gain control of their financial future, especially independent women.

We understand the challenges families face today because we all have families of our own.

Managing debt, saving for college and retirement, and planning for the unexpected can be overwhelming and confusing. Our commitment is to utilize all of our resources to help you achieve your goals.

We think “outside of the box” in our approach to teaching financial literacy and strategies to create and preserve wealth, rather than building on the agendas of financial institutions, Wall Street and the government.

Financial literacy and the application of that knowledge has the power to transform lives…that’s the reason that it is at the heart of everything we do.

Founder & CEO of Financial Literacy Institute

Certified Financial Fiduciary®

CA License #0F99546

Daniela Dubach - Certified Financial Fiduciary

Originally from Switzerland, I joined the financial services industry in 2009. After learning many financial lessons the hard way, I became very passionate about educating people, especially women, on the importance of financial literacy and awareness.  Over the years, I had the opportunity to conduct hundreds of workshops on fianancial matters, educating thousands of individuals on Finances 101, college planning, alternative investments, and creative savings and retirement strategies outside of the typical financial planning “box.”
Besides being a passionate speaker and empowering individuals with financial knowledge, I have been a guest speaker at industry conventions and on various local radio shows. As an avid learner, I continually attend summits for industry leaders nationwide, and have shared my knowledge and expertise on stage as a panelist. I have been a certified financial education instructor with the National Financial Educators Council since 2015. I believe, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra!”

Certified Financial Fiduciary®

CA License #0K37473


Daniela Dubach - Certified Financial Fiduciary

Prior to this industry, I was a public school educator for 18 years.  After I received my Masters in Administration, I thought I would retire as a principal with my pension and benefits.  However, my career path changed when I realized that I could make a greater impact in the world by educating people how to achieve financial security and inner peace.  Teaching people smart and safe strategies to take control of their finances, planning for the unexpected, and strategizing retirement plans became my passion.  It completely transformed my life so if it was possible for me when I was struggling financially as a single mom, I am confident anyone can do it if they decide to learn the financial education and turn it into edu-action.™


CA License #0L77061


With over 30 years in customer service, I have built a foundation of caring for my clients’ varied needs.  I understand every individual is unique and will not be at the same place when it comes to their knowledge and financial situation. Having spent 12 years working in claims with one of the largest auto insurance companies in the U.S., I know all too well that stressful situations take a delicate hand, as well as, an ability to break down and explain solutions to specific problems. It was in 2016 that I was introduced to the financial services industry.  I learned how money worked and how I could utilize the strategies used for decades by the wealthy to grow and protect people’s hard-earned savings from stock market losses and taxes. From this knowledge came my desire to share what I learned with as many families as possible. I deepened my knowledge of retirement strategies and transitioned out of claims into a successful business in financial education. I have educated hundreds of families on safe and effective retirement strategies that work.  With every family I help, my passion continues. This growing passion put me in the path of the GOALL Program in 2018 which has allowed me to help more business owners, employees and their families than I ever dreamed possible.


CA License #0I37023


In 2013, I decided to become an independent Life & Health insurance agent for the sole purpose of helping not only my friends and family, but also people who could benefit from my services. Soon after, I completed my Medicare certification and became a Certified Senior Advisor.  From there, my business exponentially grew through referrals. I take great pride in providing excellent service to my clients by making sure their calls are returned promptly and all their questions are answered explicitly. As a wife and mother of two, I understand the value of Peace of Mind. Now that I have the ideal coverage in place and my family is safeguarded from unexpected events and crisis in the future, I finally have that peace of mind. It disturbed me to think of the many years I had insufficient coverage. I have seen too many people who have lost their entire life-savings to pay for unexpected medical bills and unforeseen catastrophes. My goal is to provide you with the most optimal insurance coverage that will safeguard you and your family for many years to come so you can retire worry free!

Lidia Shapira

Client Service Coordinator


As the Client Services Coordinator at Financial Literacy Institute, I am entrusted with facilitating seamless interactions and providing top-notch support to our esteemed clientele. From warmly greeting guests at events to orchestrating presentations, I thrive on ensuring our clients feel valued and well-informed. Behind the scenes, I meticulously manage administrative tasks and diligently follow up on appointments, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process for our clients. Committed to delivering excellence and dedicated to fostering financial well-being, I am proud to contribute to Financial Literacy Institute’s mission of empowering individuals towards a financially secure future.



CA License #0E94021


As a former teacher, I have a passion for educating and helping families.  As soon as I became aware of the safe and smart retirement planning strategies and financial information that only select groups were receiving, I came to the realization that all families needed this vital education.  This was the start of my journey to join the financial services industry to share strategies that will enable people to retire with dignity.  Like many others who have a family member in need of assisted living care, I’ve learned the significance of planning ahead to provide for this specialized care.  This has motivated me to share with others the options available in preparing for their own or family members’ long term care needs or unforeseen emergencies.  As a parent of a university student, I also experienced the cost of higher education and am passionate about teaching other parents how to plan early for their children’s financial future.  I’ve learned the value of acquiring financial literacy and my purpose now is to be of service to others by making a difference in their financial future.